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  • Richard Herring: Oh Frig I'm 50

    13 May 2018 8:00pm

    “I only regret the people I didn’t have sex with….. And 60% of the people I did have sex with.”

    “Podfather” (The Guardian) and star of Radio 4’s Relativity, Richard Herring gets to the half century (against all odds) and looks at how his life has changed in the last decade, from irresponsible, single kidult, literally fighting his way through a mid-life crisis, to married father who is mid-way to the telegram from the Queen (though given she will be 140 in 2067, she might forget to send it). 

    Following on from Oh F***, I’m 40!, this is the second (and let’s face it, almost certainly penultimate) instalment in Herring’s once-a-decade examination of ageing.

    “A gloriously infantile delight in mischief, provocation and inspired rudeness” The Guardian.

    Find out more about Richard Herring on his website, Facebook and Twitter




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  • Sarah & Duck's Big Top Birthday

    14 May 2018 All Day

    The enchanting world of Sarah and Duck is brought to life in a brand-new stage show, featuring the wonderful characters from the BAFTA award-winning CBeebies show. Join Sarah and Duck and a host of your favourite friends including The Ribbon Sisters, The Shallots, Flamingo & John and Umbrella, as they plan a birthday party for Scarf Lady in their garden. Told through a fantastic blend of puppetry, storytelling and music, Sarah and Duck’s Big Top Birthday will take you and your children on a magical adventure.  

    Find out more about Sarah and Duck on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram









    Competition time!

    Ahead of Sarah & Duck joining us next month for their Big Top Birthday UK Tour - we are asking you to design an invite to Scarf Lady's Birthday party.

    The winner will win the exclusive Sarah & Duck book "Meet the Penguins" and their winning invite will be displayed in the theatre for all Sarah and Duck performances (Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 May). When sending your invite please follow the instructions below.









    The competition closes on Thursday 10 May at 10am.

    Good luck!


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  • Lee Nelson: Serious Joker

    16 May 2018 7:30pm

    Tour extended to cover legal fees for Theresa May stunt

    Due to huge demand, and over-priced lawyers, Lee is extending his smash-hit tour for a second time, adding a final 30 dates to his huge 150-show run. You’ve seen him sneaking into places he shouldn’t be, now come and see him where he most definitely should be: live on stage with his sensational Serious Joker tour.

    “In this sort of form Nelson is irresistible… there aren't many better comedians to turn to” The Telegraph
    “Comedy legend” The Sun
    “Unfunny pillock” Damien Green* Deputy Prime Minister
    “You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself” Sepp Blatter** FIFA President

    *Green has since been sacked. Who’s the pillock now?

    **Blatter has since been sacked after a massive corruption scandal. Who's ashamed now?

    (Age recommendation: PG)

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  • Katie Piper: What's In My Head

    18 May 2018 7:30pm

    How to be the best version of yourself

    In a time of glossy magazines, Photoshop, Instagram filters and app dating remaining in touch with reality has never been harder.

    Katie embarks on her debut theatre tour to share what she has learnt and what helped her remain positive even through the toughest of times. She will discuss her own battles with anxiety and explain how she has overcome its crippling clutches. Katie is opening her own diaries, photo albums and personal memories in this most intimate and revealing talk about her life.

    Insecurities exist in us all and adversity in life is unavoidable, but how can it be managed? How can we find the light in the darkest of times?  Katie believes no matter how big or small your challenges might seem, there is always a confident way forward and she will show you how.

    This is her story, this is her life, this is her wisdom. This is What’s in My Head. 

    Find out more about Katie Piper on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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  • James Phelan: Trickster

    19 May 2018 7:30pm

    James Phelan presents his unique magical prank show that is both jaw-dropping and laugh out loud funny. A night of hilarious, mind-blowing magic in a show where anything can happen – and quite often does. People are tricked, phones are destroyed, needles are swallowed – no-one is safe.

    Nephew of the late Paul Daniels, James has been storming it online in the last twelve months whilst gaining a lot of traction in the national press. A night of light entertainment described as 'extraordinary' in The Mirror and 'legendary' by The Sun.



    “Without a doubt, one of the most exciting new acts of the year” - The Princess Trust
    "Incredible. Maybe magic exists” - Simon Cowell

    Find out more about James Phelan on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  • The Owl & the Pussycat

    29 May 2018 All Day

    Join Owly-cat and fellow family members, Jumblie and Quangle Wangle Quee, in a story inspired by the nonsense world of Edward Lear. The spongetaneous trio travel to the dolomphious land where the bong tree grows, learning all about the creatures who live there and their curious habits. Will this meloobious family return together, will they always be a three? A fizzgiggious show by Full House Theatre all about where, what and who our family really are.

    Find out more about Full House Theatre on their website, Facebook and Twitter




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