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  • 03/03/20

    ORT Report: Jekyll & Hyde

    The Arrow & Traps Theatre Company’s adaptation of the gothic identity horror, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, delves into various relevant topics, themes and issues of a post-Trump America.  The introduction of issues surrounding America’s controversial gun laws as well as...
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  • 26/02/20

    A Youth Theatre Showcase - Going Dark!

    On Saturday 15th February we held our first ever Youth Theatre showcase for our first term Junior and Senior students.
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  • 05/02/20

    ORT Report: Emilia

    Emilia was an incredible performance dedicated to exposing the maltreatment of a female poet in 16th century, whilst also promoting female empowerment and the need for true gender equality. From the hilariously funny Alfonzo to the beautiful tragedy of Eve and Lady Kathrine, Emilia boasted an amazin...
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  • 04/02/20

    ORT Report: Death Of A Salesman

    There’s something tragically heartwarming about Birmingham Ormiston Academy’s take on the thought-provoking play that is ‘Death of A Salesman’. With a truly dedicated ensemble, the cast produced a performance that highlighted the intricate inner workings of a family unit when...
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  • 31/01/20

    ORT Report: Earthquakes In London

    Birmingham Orminston Academy has brought a fantastic rendition of the play “Earthquakes In London” written by Mark Bartlett, this play following topics surrounding; global warming, social breakdown, and worldwide paranoia.
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  • 24/01/20

    ORT Report: Alice In Pantoland

    Alice in Pantoland is a breath of fresh air when it comes to new interpretations of fairy tales. The story isn’t a retelling, rather an entirely new take on the world of fictional characters we all know so well. We are thrust into a world divided into two lands – that of Happily Ever Aft...
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  • 01/11/19

    ORT Reporter: Jesus Christ Superstar (BITA)

    BITA took Jesus Christ Superstar into the modern day, bringing a high energy production to The Old Rep Theatre performed by talented local youngsters, immersed in an artistic set and full of creative special effects throughout to a sell-out audience.
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  • 24/10/19

    ORT Report: Up, Up and Away

    Up, Up and Away is a magical, creative and surprising performance for anyone of any ages. It’s a story where a young boy named Joe was so interested in the performing arts section of life, he fulfilled it with books and stories, and was intrigued what the next book may hold. No one understands...
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  • 10/10/19

    ORT Report: Private Peaceful

    Whether the story is a childhood favourite or completely new to you, this performance of ‘Private Peaceful’ is a must-see, guaranteed to have you leave the theatre feeling a burning desire to help the characters. Based on Michael Morpurgo's iconic novel of the same title, it i...
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  • 04/10/19

    ORT Report: Crimes On The Coast

    In the calm seaside breeze, an inexplicable killing event breaks the evening sleepiness and drags you into a hilarious horror mystery invited by the multi-award-winning theatre company New Old Friends. Inspired by detective writers such as Agatha Christie, Noel Coward and PG Wodehouse, this is...
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  • 20/08/19

    Youth Theatre Announcement

    The Old Rep Theatre are delighted to announce that we will be working in partnership with practitioners from Bostin’ Creative.
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  • 16/07/19

    ORT Report: BOA These Violent Delights

    This modernised Shakespearean tragedy will have you laughing, crying, and reflecting on the devastating crime that still prevails. Birmingham Ormiston Academy’s production of Othello, performed by the year twelve acting students, was of the utmost entertainment.
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