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Pinocchio: A Student Perspective

In this blog, we hear from Adam and Charlie, two of our talented BOA students who worked on Pinocchio. Adam played the role of Cat, taking up a key part in our production, while Charlie worked across the technical team, operating LX frequently throughout the run.

Adam - played role of 'cat'

When being presented with the opportunity to work on Pinocchio, I was obviously excited due to the nature of the experience. I have always loved theatre, but I have never worked on a show for more than 4 to 5 days. Having the chance to work in the theatre for over a month and develop the show over 4 weeks was extremely exciting for me. After starting the show a few weeks into my first term at BOA, I knew time management and work management would be key, but thanks to the terrific support from cast, crew and friends working on the show I worked through it and had a wonderful winter working tirelessly on this fantastic project. Having the chance to play Cat and work so closely with the professional cast has helped me an extreme amount and I have learnt so much during this experience. After working on Pinocchio, my love for theatre has expanded, and I can only thank BOA for presenting the opportunity, the staff at The Old Rep Theatre and the fantastic cast and crew of Pinocchio.


Charlie - Operated LX

I have really enjoyed working and being a part of Pinocchio at The Old Rep, it has been a fantastic learning experience for me especially in the lighting and technical departments. Before Pinocchio I had not seen much of the work that is put into the design process of lighting as I had mainly focussed on the programming aspect of lighting, but working with Will Monks (Pinocchio Lighting Designer) has helped me gather a deeper understanding into the design aspect of lighting. Watching Will working with a program called AutoCAD was extremely interesting for me, this has helped me with my pathway during my time at BOA.

During the shows some lights presented problems to us, it was interesting to see how the technical crew first of all troubleshooted the problem and then sorted the issue that had been found with the light. Glad to say that the problem was rectified!

Some of the lighting cues were fired from the sound department over a protocol called OCR & MIDI, watching these protocols in action has helped me gain a better understanding of how they work but also the problems they present sometimes during a show.

To finish, I would say that working on Pinocchio has been a fantastic experience for me and would absolutely do it again if I was presented with the opportunity.

Image credit: Anda Latsa