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ORT Report: Enron

"A truly brilliant show that will leave your mind whirring."

Based on the financial collapse of the Texan energy company, the play Enron explores the cost of toxic greed and fraud. As an audience member, you’re transported straight back in time, to one of the biggest business failures in all of History.

With script written by Lucy Prebble, performed for the first time in 2009, the play re-tells the infamous scandal and fall of Enron. It unravels how Andy Fastow's calculating ideas to mask the company’s financial loss, end in chaos and destruction. We follow Enron’s CEO, Jeffrey Skillet, as he attempts to navigate the company through debt, struggling with family driven guilt and in-office temptation.

The play includes many comedic features. For example, throughout the show, small dinosaurs lurk around the stage and cause mischief. These creatures represent the company's increasing debt, and are funny and endearing to watch. To add to this, the bankers in the show, are played as nervous siamese twins. These hilarious moments that are scattered throughout the play, provide the serious plot with just enough lightness to supply a compelling performance for the viewer.

Physical theatre frames the performance, with pieces that begin and end the play. The choreographed sequences, create an appropriate atmosphere, with a talented cast that convey the emotive intention throughout.

Simple yet effective staging was utilised for different scenes, doubling up as many offices, and also a company atrium. In my opinion, this allowed the play to hold a necessary fluidity that allows the audience to focus on the complex plot.

The performers were thoroughly convincing, giving their characters depth, enabling the audience to truly invest themselves within them. The multidimensional personalities portrayed cause the audience to be hesitant as to whether they should like or loathe certain characters. For me, this added interest to the play, and kept me engaged.

The endless moments of laughter, empathy and shock, make Enron a truly thought provoking, entertaining piece of theatre, that will invoke a wide range of emotions in the audience

Article by BOA Year 12 Musical Theatre student Victoria, as part of our ORT Report scheme.