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ORT Report:BYT Guys and Dolls

A light hearted, hilarious show, that will ensure everyone leaves the theatre grinning from ear
to ear.

Guys and Dolls, performed by the Birmingham Youth Theatre Company, is set in the 1950s
on the streets on New York, Broadway. The show follows two unlikely love stories through
the trials and tribulations of their relationships, but more importantly, shows what a guy is
willing to do for a “doll”.

We see Crap Game orchestrator Nathen Detroit (Played by Sam Cox) realise how much he
cares for his show girl fiancée miss Adelaide (Played by Lucy Bisseker), and how Sky
Masterson (played by Dan Porter), an avid, yet careless gambler, changes his path for Sister
Sara Brown (Played Emily Ewins), a missionary hoping to convert the sinners of NYC.
The musical incorporates many dance numbers. “Lucky Be a Lady Tonight”, is an energy
filled, fun filled number. With most of the company on stage, all demonstrating incredible
enthusiasm and enjoyment, their smiles can’t help but become infectious.
”Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat”, sung by Nicely-Nicely Johnson (Played by Rui Greaves
Benny) is yet another full company number. It offers a visual representation of the gamblers’
dream. Once again, the talented cast make the audience laugh with their high spirited

Playwrights Abe Burrows and Jo Swerling’s hilarious script is packed with clever one liners
and subtle innuendos, making the show entertaining for all ages. The relatable, yet
humorous characters, remind us of the lengths we go to to please those we love, whilst also
making us laugh. The contrasting script includes wonderful scenes between Sky and Sister
Sarah Brown, which are delivered with chemistry and ease, whilst scenes between Detroit’s
three men (Played by Rui Greaves Benny, Eathan Terry and Harrison Doherty), deliver
performances with hilarity and quick wit.

I can highly recommend going to watch Birmingham Youth Theatre’s production of Guys and
Dolls. The convincing, hilarious portrayal of principal characters with help from a young,
joyous ensemble, the show is definitely one to watch if one wishes to be left buzzing with


Article by BOA Student Victoria, as part of our ORT Report scheme.