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Photographing the Backstage Areas at The Old Rep

Third year student from Birmingham City University talks to us about her time photographing behind the scenes at The Old Rep's Alice in Wonderland 2017.

Alicia Knight is a third year student studying visual communication photography at Birmingham City University.

Tell us about the opportunity you undertook with us.

I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to capture back-stage images at The Old Rep Theatre during performances of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. I was very lucky to be offered this experience to gain images for my university project as it can be difficult getting access and approval to photograph back-stage. It was a massive help and abled me to understand my own personal direction in photography.

What tasks did you carry out?

I was allowed access backstage and in the wings to capture images of the show for several performances, both during performance and in preparation for performance.

Who did you work with?

I worked with the whole cast and crew, and they were very accommodating with the task in hand. They were very friendly, as were the theatre staff too who showed me around and enabled me to get all the images I desired.

What did you learn?

I was able to understand and know that dance and theatre photography is for me, which I am taking further into my final mayor project at university. Without this help and access to the production and its performers, as well as back-stage areas within The Old Rep Theatre, I might not be where I am now.

What did you most enjoy about your time at The Old Rep Theatre?

It was a lovely environment to work in: everyone was very accommodating and made me feel welcome. I was able to fit in and blend in so that I could get images out of sight and in a realistic setting.

why do you think such opportunities should be provided to young people?

This opportunity was amazing and really helped me produce the evidence I required within a professional setting. Within the Arts it’s great to see everyone working together helping everyone out. For young people not knowing their own direction it is important that any opportunities they can get to find their right path is wonderful and very inspiring which The Old Rep provides. This inspiration will help build young people and spark them for the future.


To take a further look at Alicia's work visit her website: