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Work Experience at The Old Rep

Megan Plant, a Year 10 student from George Salter Academy in West Bromwich,  joined The Old Rep for week's work experience in March. We caught up with Megan to chat about her week...

What job roles within the theatre did you take on?

During my week at the theatre I completed many different jobs around the venue. On my first day I worked with Nareece who showed me how to check stock and complete a stock intake ready for a function later in the week. On my second day I made a start on the presentation task I had been set for the week. I then worked with the marketing team who helped me to work on this presentation and think about what I would need to consider if I was to put on a show at the theatre eg. how I would advertise the show and make it appeal to its target audience. 

On my third day I worked with the technical team which started with having to a complete tour of the backstage area, the orchestra pit, above the stage and sound/lighting desk led by Dil. I enjoyed this as it was extremely interesting and gave me an insight into all of the work that goes into putting on a show. Later on in the day I helped with tidying the workshop and helping Lucy prepare the gels for the lighting. 

On the fourth day I got the opportunity to work with the Front of House team on the matinee performance of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Theatre Company's show Rhinoceros. Then on the final day I was able to accompany a group who had booked onto a Theatre Tour. This was very interesting and enjoyable as it allowed me to learn about the history of the theatre. Later on in the day, after presenting my task, I got the chance to work on the Box Office for another performance of Rhinoceros

What did your work experience teach you about yourself and your future plans? 

My week of work experience at The Old Rep allowed me to think about my future plans. Although my dream has always been to be on the stage performing, seeing all of the possible jobs behind the stage allowed me to realise that even if being the performer isn't possible I would definitely want to work in a theatre. It also helped me make the decision that once I turn 16 I would love to return to The Old Rep as a member of casual staff. 

What did you enjoy most? 

One of the things I enjoyed most was getting to know all of the members of staff. Everyone was so lovely and made me feel really welcome and relaxed. I loved my day with the tech team as I learnt so much, but I also loved Friday as I got to go on the tour of the theatre. 

Why do you think opportunities like this should be offered to young people? And what other opportunities could the theatre offer? 

I think that opportunities like this should be offered to young people so they can figure out and establish what their future plans will be and what area of work they want to go into. It also allows young people to get experience before choosing what field of work they want to go into. It can also build confidence and necessary skills. The only other thing I think could be provided for young people are maybe specialist tours and workshops which would allow them to build skill confidence and give young people more information about areas within the theatre allowing them to make a choice that would suit them best and interests them most.