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HYSTERIA: Blackout & Baggy Bra

Standard £15 (Concessions £13)
*Price includes a £1.50 restoration levy.
Please note there is a booking fee of 7.5% on all bookings for this event.

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As part of HYSTERIA Festival 2023

Untamed Productions present Blackout 

Tilly and JJ have different approaches to dealing with turning 30 and finding themselves single. Tilly feels left behind from the rest of her peers, whilst JJ enjoys the freedom of being alone. However, they have one thing in common – they both love to drink. The play explores how the girls cope with dating as Millenials, the realities and pressures of starting a family, and their exquisite ability to both get completely blackout drunk. Perhaps a coping mechanism, perhaps an escape from reality – but, what happens when something terrible happens during a blackout night that neither of them can remember?

Hangxiety, The Fear, Sunday Scaries – join Tilly and JJ as they piece together the night before.

Baggy Bra

Did you know eight out of ten women are wearing the wrong size bra? Not on Bra Shop Barb’s watch! She and her daughter Eloise are on a mission to find the best for every breast. But as bills rise and customers wreak havoc in the store, Barb fears she is fighting a losing battle.

Set in rural Wales, Baggy Bra is a female-led body-positive witty show with a warm heart. It is all about normalizing bra fittings, cherishing and taking care of your boobs as well as mother and daughter relationships, small businesses, finding love later in life, and community. With a lot of TIT-ing about! 

Audiences are invited to bring their baggy bras to Baggy Bra! Each performance will have a bra recycling bank where audiences can recycle their unwanted and unloved bras to raise money for Baggy Bra’s charity partner, Against Breast Cancer.


Age guidance 16+
Trigger warnings: Alochol & Drug use, sexual consent and fertility