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Prepare To Succeed: How to audition for Drama Schools

£40 for workshop

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Are you a budding young actor hoping to go to Drama School, but not sure what is required of you? Or have you been auditioning the last few years with limited success? 

Auditioning for Drama Schools can be a daunting and expensive undertaking that can leave you disheartened and disenchanted if not approached with the right attitude and knowledge. 

Nerves, inexperience, poor speech choices, misjudged interviews, lack of preparation, misusing techniques and auditioning for the wrong schools can all play a part. Putting you in controls of these issues can give you confidence to deliver your best audition and bring success. 

Alec Fellows-Bennett and The Old Rep are joining forces to help budding young talent, and those who have been struggling with the process for a while, the help they need to succeed.

Alec is a theatre professional with over 20 years’ experience in the business, including 7 years on the audition panel for top drama school Bristol Old Vic. In that time, he has seen many actors through the audition process, their training and their development into the industry. There are no guarantees in this business but starting out with the right knowledge and the gift of experience is invaluable. 

In this day long workshop we look at:

• Picking the right speech to suit you 
• Interview do’s and dont’s  
• Nerves and dealing with them 
• What the audition panel looking for 
• What might be the right school for you 
• Working and developing the speeches you have learned 
• Re-direction and thinking on the spot 

You only have 15 minutes to show a panel that you have the potential and the raw talent to succeed in the most competitive industry there is, be as prepared as you can be! It’s always a subjective process but with a few simple steps and the right prep you will at least be able to come out of an audition knowing you did your best work.

This is a unique opportunity to see the process from the other side of the table and to gain the little secrets of success that might make all the difference!