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Youth Onstage: Our House

Tickets £15 (Conc £13)

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Our House tells the story of Joe Casey, who, after a brief altercation with the police, has to decide whether to give himself up or run away and set off on a life where crime really does seem to pay. It’s a ‘Sliding Doors’ story as we follow honest Joe as he steps through one door, where his honesty is mixed with continual disappointment, and then we see villain Joe as he steps through the door towards dishonesty – but success and wealth. Both Joes struggle with their consciences as their mum’s house and life become threatened by a greedy, desperate property developer – but will the real Joe stand-up – and who will win the day?

The songs of Madness compel you to sing along. There are the fabulous ensemble songs which are lively and fun such as Baggy Trousers and Our House and then there are the more thought provoking songs, with elements of teenage angst, such as Embarrassment and My Girl.  So if you have fond memories of the 1980’s, or for those of you too young to have been there but who want to experience those wonderful bygone days, “Our House” is definitely for you. We guarantee you’ll be singing and dancing to ‘Baggy Trousers’ all the way home!

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