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Up To Scratch

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Up To Scratch is a brand-new monthly development evening that has been set up to give creatives a city-centre platform to develop their work. It’s all about bringing new work to The Old Rep!

Once a month on a Thursday night, The Old Rep will be opening its doors to artists and companies to give them the opportunity to test out their material in a safe space joined by a positive and friendly audience. The way it works is simple - submit your work to us, give us time to read it, await a slot at one of our scratch nights, turn up and experience your work up on its feet, take in the audience feedback and then enjoy the other work on display.

It is free to attend and all that we ask is that you help the other artists by offering feedback.

In return, we will give you a space, rehearsal time, an audience, feedback, and support with performers and directing where requested.

If you have any work that you would like to perform yourself, or by others, email

Line up:

Helmut Epstein's Last Lesson (One Act Play) by Claude Kayat

Berlin, 1941. Helmut Epstein, a Jewish retired German teacher, receives an unexpected visit It i Ludwig, his favorite pupil from the time he was teaching at the secondary school. Ludwig is wearing a German officer uniform, which makes Helmut a bit uncomfortable, since his wife was recently shot down in the street by a German officer because she had gone out without the yellow David star. Helmut is still very happy to see Ludwig again, as they always were very close to each other. The visit starts first in a very cordial tone. They talk about the subject which they both love most : German literature. That Helmut praises very highly. He feels very proud to belong to the German culture. But Ludwig has to admit that he came in fact to arrest him, on order of his captain. The captain wants to know where Helmut's brother and cousin are hiding. After which the captain intends to send Helmut to Auschwitz. Helmut, who has no idea where his brother and cousin are hiding asks Ludwig to kill him instead. But Ludwig, a sensitive young man who feels great respect for his former teacher cannot do that. But Helmut insists, as he does not want to be tortured and then sent to Auschwitz. He therefore tries to provoke Ludwig.