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STARS: An Afrofuturist Space Odyssey

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A Tamasha and Institute of Contemporary Arts Co-Production

Meet Mrs: an old lady who goes into outer space… in search of her own orgasm. Isn’t that where all orgasms go?  

Her quest is sparked by three encounters: a young neighbour who discloses a secret, an old friend who reveals she is intersex, and a would-be lesbian lover in a launderette who offers Mrs two drops of her own pressed lavender and a smile that says, ‘I handle delicates with care’. 

Told through one woman and a live DJ, with projected animation and captions, STARS is a moving and joyful, sensitive yet funny, Afrofuturist odyssey accessible for all.

A ‘concept album on stage’ the hugely original, STARS is the latest jewel from internationally acclaimed theatre maker, Alfred Fagon award-winner and George Devine Award 2022 finalist, Mojisola Adebayo. Previous works include FAMILY TREE (ATC, 2023), NOTHELLO (Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, 2022), MUHAMMAD ALI AND ME (2008 and 2016), I STAND CORRECTED (2012) and MOJ OF THE ANTARCTIC (2005) (all Ovalhouse, London).

Creative Team
Writer - Mojisola Adebayo
Directors - Gail Babb and S. Ama Wray
Desginer - Miriam Nabarro
Animation Artist - Candice Purwin
Music Direction & DJ Mixes - Debo Adebayo
Ligthing Design - Neo Nagai
Creative Captions - Stephen Lloyd

Age guidance 14+

Please note: This show contains strong language and descriptions of a sexual and sensitive nature, and other themes, which some may find distressing.