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GLU Theatre: The Comedy Sketch Show

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What do you get when you cross 15 actors, new comedy writing, six drama boxes and zero budget?

Join GLU Theatre for their inaugural show, bringing you an evening of spirits (the ghostly kind), plain crisps, kids, dodgy politicians, Daleks, and their own fragile egos.

This is a fundraising event, tickets are on a donation basis supporting the historic Old Rep Theatre and raising funds for future GLU Theatre productions, providing free access to live theatre.

Support the Birmingham theatre scene.

Thank you to BOA and The Old Rep Theatre for supporting this initiative.

“I only came in because it was cold out, yeh it was alright”
“Hilarious, they were funny without trying to a positive way”
“It was nice, well done everyone at........ what’s the group called again?”

Disclaimer – These reviews are completely made up.

If you are unable to leave a donation, there will be some tickets available on the door for free - please ask.