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An Interview with La Voix

Hello La Voix! How exciting that you are back on tour! What are you most looking forward to for your 2019 tour?

Oh I’m beyond excited. It’s what I do! Travelling the country spreading the love! This year I’m let loose! You can except to see me give my all, more than ever. It’s all new! New songs, stories, confessions and costumes.

It’s hard to describe what occurs in my shows but it’s an “experience”! You will leave feeling empowered, exhausted and relieved,  all in one. It’s pure escapism entertainment mixed up with modern therapy.  

You can escape the misery of life like Gemma Collins on television, or celebs go smearing, anything political is out and most of all phones are turned off. I endeavour to make my audiences experience true variety, recreate vaudeville style cabaret, immerse them in quality entertainment and a blast of live music. There is no one doing what I’m doing... who hasn’t been sectioned.    

Have you been busy so far this year?

I haven’t stopped. From the moment the curtain fell on the last panto show on New Year’s Eve, I hot footed it to Heathrow to start my 2019 residency at the glamourous Limelight  Club onboard P&O Britannia.

Alongside that, my ongoing UK theatre tour has kept me itching to get home, and join my full band for the new “Live, Loud And Fabulous” tour. Add to that new dress designs, endless visits to the hairdressers for blowouts and my new passion for yoga....if I’m not downward dogging...I’m upright in a fitting! 

How do you prepare before performing on stage? Do you have any superstitions?

I always listen to one of my inspirational divas whilst getting ready. Be it Liza, Judy, Cher or Shirley. I find it just gets me in the mood.

I have many rituals...which does include a cheeky vodka cranberry to get in the mood. My motto is if the audience are at the bar in the theatre I should join them backstage in a tipple. I like to be on the stage in the wings hearing the audience rather than stuck in a dressing room. It’s all about soaking up the atmosphere.

Who was the first person you ever saw in concert, and first album you bought?

It was Barbra Streisand at Madison Square Gardens and it blew my wasn’t in person it was on a VHS up North in Stockton-on-Tees but she had a profound impact on me. 

My first single was ‘Eternal Flame’ by The Bangles and my first album was Kylie’s first ever album! I was in the Kylie fan club! Well maybe I still am I never called her to cancel. 

Which song is your personal favourite to sing live? 

It has to be anything Liza. ‘New York, New York’ was my first BGT audition song and it still holds a great place in my heart. Her arrangement is so amazing. 

What can people expect to hear you perform on this tour?

There are many surprises in the new show. Have you seen my Theresa May singing Dreamgirls? or Judy Garland singing Adel? If not then you need to grab that ticket. My favourite classic Divas like Liza, Tina, Shirley and Cher are still featured of course.

And some of the most phenomenal costumes! 

If you hadn’t been the UK’s most glamorous performer what would you be doing?

Hunting down whoever had robbed me of that title! 

Is there anyone in particular you’d like to work with? 

The Dame Shirley Bassey! It would be a dream! 

Finally, what have you learned from your experiences in the industry so far?

Chase your dreams and be nice to everyone! Give an audience your all and they will give you it back in buckets! Also, feathers cost a fortune and Swarovski’s are better than men! 

make sure you check out our instagram on sunday 26 may as la voix will be doing a takeover for birmingham pride!