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Everyone is loving Alice in Wonderland...

After our press evening on Saturday the reviews are in for Alice in Wonderland and they are amazing! Let's see what people have been saying about our festive spectacular...



“The fact it boasts a cast of such colourful characters makes Alice in Wonderland an excellent and popular story to tell during the festive season”

“The show is vibrant, colourful and engaging from beginning to end – with visually impressive scenery, special effects and quality performances”

“This is one rabbit hole you’d have to be mad as a hatter not to take a trip down this Christmas”


★★★★★ small house big trips

"An enchanting and captivating production from a hugely talented cast”

“We’re all mad here, is a common refrain from Wonderland. Well, in our opinion you’d be mad not to check it out this year”


★★★★ Behind the Arras

“The result of all this nonsense is a family show which much to admire”



Mummy of 3 Diaries

"A lovely twist and fresh take on an old classic story that we all know and love”

“A spectacular experience that the whole family will enjoy”

“Just what we needed to help kick off our festive fun this year”



"As slick and professional as anything else I’ve seen this year”

“A lot of catchy tunes and plenty of laughs made this a real family favourite”

“Absolutely perfect for young and old alike”



“The beauty of this performance is that it is utterly bonkers”

“Alice in Wonderland is lovely, a triumph for its young talented cast, leaving you with a warm and fuzzy feeling as you leave the theatre. Go see and support young theatre”


Weekend Notes

“Alice in Wonderland is imaginative, bright and colourful, brimming with energy and, of course, just a bit crazy”



West End Best Friend

“There really is something for every age group with humour at all levels”

“You will leave with a sense of pride for every young person who gave themselves to such a wonderful production”


ET Speaks From Home

“A very enjoyable show and we all loved it, especially with the music, the energy levels and excitement which ran throughout the show”


Plutonium Sox

“The whole performance is full of colour, fun and of course nonsense”

“With a touch of magic and a large pinch of nonsense, we are back in Wonderland”