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Royal Birmingham Conservatoire: Trelawny Of The Wells

Tickets £13, £9 (Concession)*
Includes £1 restoration Levy

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Written by Arthur Wing Pinero
Directed by Sean Aita

Written in 1898, Arthur Wing Pinero’s celebrated comedy charts the fortunes of Miss Rose Trelawny, a Victorian actress who falls in love with a wealthy young man, and has to undergo the critical scrutiny of his upper class family.

Featuring an ensemble of almost Dickensian characters representing the theatrical types of the period, from the bombastic leading actor to the low comedian, Trelawny of the Wells invites the audience to reflect on the quite radical change from Melodrama to Naturalism which took place in the British theatre in the mid nineteenth century.

The play’s themes of class, the inevitability of change, and the transformative power of performance remain as pertinent now as they were when it was written.