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Birmingham Royal Conservatoire Theatre Company: Rhinoceros

Tickets £8.50 (Seniors, Under 16s & £4)
*Price includes £1 restoration levy

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Presented by the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Theatre Company

Two friends, the dissolute, disorganised Berenger and the smugly dapper Jean, are having a drink in a cafe when the Sunday-morning calm is interrupted by a pair of rampaging rhinoceroses. Next morning, in the legal firm where Berenger works, stories of the marauding mammals are disbelieved until an absent member of staff is reported to have joined them. Gradually everyone in the town, starting with Jean and ending with Berenger's beloved Daisy, becomes a rhino. Only the hero retains his human shape, climactically crying; "Woe betide the man who refuses to conform."

By Eugène Ionesco. Adapted by Martin Crimp