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Uncle Ben's Family Fued

Thurs £10 (Conc £8), Fri £12 (Conc £10), Sat-Sun £15 (Conc £12)

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With all kids out of the house Uncle Ben plans a secret night in with a special lady; he puts on a bit of Marvin Gaye and prepares for what he thinks is going to be a wonderful night. But with his kids returning home unexpectedly and a surprise visit from the police it’s not long before Uncle Ben’s fire is put out by some shocking news leading to a huge family secret being uncovered.

It’s 2018 and Uncle Ben is back with a night of quality entertainment. Since 2012 we have seen this family battle with infidelity, domestic violence, substance abuse and the issue of absent parents; but somehow they manage to keep it all together and still look on the bright side. This year Conway Productions are taking the family on a new journey and revealing some dark secrets that Uncle Ben and Auntie Maggie have been hiding for years. We’ll see ups, downs, laughter and tears but will this family feud be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?