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Up To Scratch

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Up To Scratch is a brand-new monthly development evening that has been set up to give creatives a city-centre platform to develop their work. It’s all about bringing new work to The Old Rep!

Once a month on a Thursday night, The Old Rep will be opening its doors to artists and companies to give them the opportunity to test out their material in a safe space joined by a positive and friendly audience. The way it works is simple - submit your work to us, give us time to read it, await a slot at one of our scratch nights, turn up and experience your work up on its feet, take in the audience feedback and then enjoy the other work on display.

It is free to attend and all that we ask is that you help the other artists by offering feedback.

In return, we will give you a space, rehearsal time, an audience, feedback, and support with performers and directing where requested.

Line up*

Act I - Underdogs by Rob Carter

Downbeat and deluded, Slurry FC is the perfect bolthole for Barry Bickers, the failed footballer with a left foot for a brain. The club is strapped for cash yet again, but a twist of fate with a young burglar means they might just have found an answer to their prayers. If only Barry could keep his trap shut.

Act II - Indoors by Salli Baldwin

‘Indoors’ is written as a response to Sarah Kane’s 4:48 psychosis, and to try and understand what happens from outdoors. “Indoors”,  Peter’s world is stable in a way he can manage until his internal support fails and an ineluctable pathway is created.


*Line-up subject to change.