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Up To Scratch success stories

Since September 2022 The Old Rep Theatre has been running Up To Scratch, a monthly new-writing night aimed at giving writer’s an opportunity to see their work on our iconic stage. There have been plays, poems, film and radio scripts from a range of new writers all the way through to established professionals based in Birmingham and beyond.

“After showcasing my work at Up To Scratch, I used the feedback and insights given by the audience to further develop my work, and I am currently submitting my script to competitions and theatres.”

Justyn Cooper

Whilst the primary function of the nights is to support our writers with their development, we are also proud to have been able to give many local actors the chance to perform and this has led to a great community being built of writers, actors, directors, producers and other creative minds who collaborate and network together.

“Currently I am developing the script further. Up To Scratch helped me understand my stage play more, and I got to work with actors.”

Dan Auluk

There have been some superb success stories coming out of Up To Scratch too, with some writers having their work put on professionally, others have won funding for research and development, and many have gone back to the writing table to consider the feedback given by the audiences who attend.

“Up To Scratch gave me the opportunity to hear ‘Hours of Emptiness’ read for the first time. It was an enlightening experience! I took from it both positive and negative comments that have developed the underlying story idea.

Particularly from those was the suggestion of a change in presentation for the story which I am still working on. UTS offers the space to share the journey in a small way with others on similar journeys.”

Roger Price

“Without Up To Scratch I would have lost the momentum to continue to write. More than just a lifeline, this is now an established valuable outlet for my writing, as well as giving me the opportunity to watch and perform in other writers’ pieces. And all for free!

Without that initial try out my play wouldn't have been accepted by a theatre company and played out to a paying audience on two separate runs.”

Brian McInally

Our upcoming Up To Scratch night is Thursday 29 February from 7pm.

If you are a creative looking to be involved in any capacity, then please get in touch with Darren Knapton, our Theatre Manager, via or click here for more information.