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  • GLU Theatre: The Comedy Sketch Show

    04 June 2024 All Day

    What do you get when you cross 15 actors, new comedy writing, six drama boxes and zero budget?

    Join GLU Theatre for their inaugural show, bringing you an evening of spirits (the ghostly kind), plain crisps, kids, dodgy politicians, Daleks, and their own fragile egos.

    This is a fundraising event, tickets are on a donation basis supporting the historic Old Rep Theatre and raising funds for future GLU Theatre productions, providing free access to live theatre.

    Support the Birmingham theatre scene.

    Thank you to BOA and The Old Rep Theatre for supporting this initiative.

    “I only came in because it was cold out, yeh it was alright”
    “Hilarious, they were funny without trying to a positive way”
    “It was nice, well done everyone at........ what’s the group called again?”

    Disclaimer – These reviews are completely made up.

    If you are unable to leave a donation, there will be some tickets available on the door for free - please ask. 

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  • Up To Scratch

    06 June 2024 7:00pm – 9:00pm

    Up To Scratch is a brand-new monthly development evening that has been set up to give creatives a city-centre platform to develop their work. It’s all about bringing new work to The Old Rep!

    Once a month on a Thursday night, The Old Rep will be opening its doors to artists and companies to give them the opportunity to test out their material in a safe space joined by a positive and friendly audience. The way it works is simple - submit your work to us, give us time to read it, await a slot at one of our scratch nights, turn up and experience your work up on its feet, take in the audience feedback and then enjoy the other work on display.

    It is free to attend and all that we ask is that you help the other artists by offering feedback.

    In return, we will give you a space, rehearsal time, an audience, feedback, and support with performers and directing where requested.

    Line up*

    Theme - Between Two Worlds

    Where is My Ticket to Beauty? by Kate Boleyn

    A spoken word piece about what is happening before our very eyes but desire for something long gone.


    Weight Off My Chest by Laura Liptrot

    One year ago today, a young woman, Dee experienced a life changing event. A breast reduction operation. She cannot believe how much her life has changed since that momentous time.


    Come Fly With Me by Brian McInally

    Come Fly With Me is a short comedy with overtones of both Shirley Valentine and It's a Wonderful Life in its portrait of a couple returning to Birmingham after a visit to the City of Lights. But is it a case of return journey, or is it time to change course?

    First Night by Roger Price

    According to Peter Brook a piece of theatre is an 'empty space' into which a person walks while other people watch. But have you ever wondered what happens in the wings when someone is waiting to walk out onto the stage for the first time?

    Ringway by Nico Singh Dhanda

    A young couple and a struggling architect find themselves at odds when Birmingham City Council decide to demolish the Ringway Centre and replace it with apartments.

    TW/CW: divorce, alcoholicism, depression

    Girls On Fire by Ellie Grace, Emma Graveling and Lily Sitzia

    Girls on Fire is a study of the destructive effects of war on morality, humanity and normalcy through the biopic lens of the three, young female members of the Dutch resistance in World War Two.

    TW/CW: death/dying, war, strong language, violence, violence toward children, themes of sex and sexism, discussion of antisemitism and the Holocaust

    Matsumoto and The Chinese Painting of Genghis Khan I & II (Poems) by Anson Clark

    Matsumoto is a poem of two halves. An English teacher living in Matsumoto, Japan, is haunted by the memory of the death of his son in a car accident. The Japanese winter reflects his gloomy and sombre inner state. His life changes with the arrival of Spring.

    The Chinese Painting of Genghis Khan I & II are two poems which showcase two imaginative reactions to a medieval Chinese painting of Genghis Khan, the infamous Mongol conqueror. There is great complexity and violence beneath the surface of this idealised portrait of a man who represents different things to different people.

    TW/CW: death of a child, genocide

    *Line up is subject to change at any time.
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  • Theatre Tour

    08 June 2024 11:00am – 1:00pm

    As the UK’s first purpose-built repertory theatre, The Old Rep occupies a unique place in theatre history. This iconic theatre, founded by Sir Barry Jackson, played a central role in the early careers of many of the UK’s most celebrated actors and theatre makers.

    Join us as we take you on a behind-the-scenes venue tour with our knowledgeable guides, and see the theatre as you have never seen it before.

    Hot drinks and refreshments served at the end and price included in your ticket.



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